New Tool

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Go to: , and check out a video about a new tool called Click n’ Break. More is to come…


Happy Halloween!

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Just wanted to say happy Halloween!!!

Welcome to the Grand Opening!

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“I have a dream… A dream to continue Icy for all eternity!” That’s what Martin Luther King, Jr. should have included in his speech. After Ripdev announced that they were closing their doors, I was devastated. They contributed so much to the iCommunity. How I wish they would not leave. Remember Kate. And Push. And Installer 4! Those were the days. Now we must make the best of it. Hopefully Installer 4 is not lost… But anyways, Icy WILL NOT leave us. As the developer, leading this “movement”, I want to ask for your help. All of us together could make Icy better. Far better than anything has ever been. So please, and I truly mean PLEASE, contribute to this project.

“Icy has always, and will always keep moving forward!” -Me